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SMTP Service

Quality SMTP server for your bulk sending

Atomic SMTP Service Overview

Quality SMTP server for bulk sending


Email has become the most vital means of marketing today. Every businessman cares about the timely delivery of his advertising, wants the majority of his letters to land in the inbox, and desires the reputation of his IP address to remain unblemished.

The support of reliable bulk email servers for effective electronic marketing is as necessary as the air. Atomic SMTP Service is your solution for mass mailings. It’s an effective and affordable service. Our flexible SMTP plans and the program’s ease of use will please all users, from businessmen and marketers to casual users.


Main Features

smtp server

High Delivery Rates
We use email marketing best practices to obtain high delivery rates, focusing on the best ideas and implementing these in free smtp service. In addition, the service supports authentication with SPF and DKIM signatures.

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smtp service

Bypass ISP Limitations
While sending emails, you can use as many sender names as you want. Number of emails and sending speed are almost unlimited—everything depends upon your service plan.

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Detailed Statistics

Atomic SMTP service generates reports of several operations:

  • Mail history
  • Hard bounces

All reports can be saved into a CSV file.

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How to start working with Atomic SMTP Service?

First, read the article ‘What is bulk email?‘ and be sure you are going to send legal newsletters. Our server easily integrates with all email clients, software for bulk mailing, and web services.After registration, go to the “Member Area,” to the “Settings” menu. Here, you will find the data for a program used for mailing. In this section, you can also add the domains from which newsletters will be sent, and generate SPF and DKIM records.


Atomic SMTP Server

Atomic SMTP server is designed to make your email broadcasts effective! A dedicated IP address, quick sending speeds, high inbox delivery rates, no need to purchase any server software, and 24/7 customer support—all of this makes our free SMTP service a reliable email marketing tool.

We are pleased to say something about the software offered by ATOMPARK. We have used several of the programs for quite some number of years. In all, it has been an excellent tool for our marketing support and hope to see only more new and improved features  as we've experience just about each of all the years in which we've had a license to use your software.  Read more »
Christopher T. Hoar
FLEET Services, Inc.,
You have greatly improved your SMTP services and Email Sender since I used them last. (2.5 years ago) These improvements are making it much easier to cleanup my clients email lists. The previous person maintaining the email for my client Kathy was not doing the job they were paid for. I am looking forward to picking up several new clients thanks to your services. I would be happy to recommend your company. Read more »
George LaCourse
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