We don't offer web based service any longer since we consider Atomic Sender a more affordable and suitable offer.
You get Atomic Bulk Email Service for $ 89.9, no monthly fees.
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SMTP Server

Quality SMTP server for your bulk sending

Atomic SMTP Service Pricing

We’ve developed a range of flexible price plans. Their distinctive feature is an unlimited number of recipients.

The Free price plan is a good solution for secure email newsletter sending.

Monthly Plans



Email messagesPrice per monthDomainsBandwidth*Dedicated IP
12 000FREE2300 Mb
25 000$Up to 52.5 GB
50 000$Up to 55 GB
100 000$Unlimited10 GB+
200 000$Unlimited20 GB+
300 000$Unlimited30 GB+
500 000$Unlimited50 GB+

* Additional bandwidth can be purchased separately.
Free plan limitations: up to 400 email per day, 50 per hour.

Pay as You Go

The current plan featured to pay on sent email messages only perfectly fits those users who practice nonscheduled email campaigns. You do not need to make monthly payments within this plan, and all purchased email messages are open ended.

*The number of email messages is stated on the basis of message size up to 100 Kb. If the available email message size exceed, than multiple credits will be deducted.
This rate includes the ability to send messages from 5 domains.


–        Take advantage of the service’s Free price plan, and send newsletters to a small mailing list.

–        Transitioning from one price plan to another can be carried out by the client at any time.

–        Delivery of letters all over the world and professional online technical support are both attractive features of each of the current plans.

–        Our Atomic SMTP Server is available for customers anywhere on the planet.

…I now own your entire suite of products and I'm very happy and will be recommending you to my friends! Thanks, Read more »
William Giarratano
I just wanted to email you and let you know how happy I am with your "Bulk Emailer." I downloaded it today (07/18/07) and I had NO problems with loading, sending, configuring...etc. I sent a test email that even worked! I've tried 6-10 other Bulk Email Softwares in the past 6 weeks and it seems a person would have to be a "Rocket Scientist" to make them work. Your's worked the very first time I tried it. Read more »
Barry E. Arnold
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