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Here is the new solution to quickly send thousands of SMS without having to create a preliminary mailing list and searching for contacts is reduced to a minimum.

With the new Google Chrome extension Atomic SMS sending text messages is a way easier now. You no longer need to spend a lot of time and effort searching for and manually copying the phone numbers of contacts for the site you want. The extension Atomic SMS does the work for you. The software automatically recognizes and copies all the numbers of the pages you visit.


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Functions Atomic SMS for Chrome Extension:

  • Quick sending SMS without switching to Member Area.
  • Search for and extract mobile phone numbers.
  • Storing numbers for different pages.
  • Automatic country detection by domain.
  • Automatic country detection by the webpage language.
  • Automatic country detection by the page content language.
  • Reports on sent campaigns in your SMS service account.

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One of the convenient features of the extension – identification of the country where the phone number is registered. For example, if it’s set to “collect numbers from USA”, Atomic SMS finds all telephone numbers with the USA codes and displays them in a special box.

Collect numbers for those countries Ukraine, Russia, India, the USA, Turkey, Italy and others. It’s enough to put a filter.

How to Get Started with the Extension?

Download Atomic SMS free at the Chrome-extensions-store and the extension will appear in the browser bar at the top-right corner. Enter the username / password of your SMS service account – and start sending SMS from Chrome.

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To take full advantage Atomic SMS, you must be registered with your SMS service account  This is an important and necessary element, as through the expansion, you can send messages even from the phonebook stored in your account.

Advantages of Atomic SMS:

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Easy authorization: enter the login and password, and send SMS anywhere in the world.
  • No additional settings.
  • Flexible expansion of the control system: the dialog box is minimized, if not  active.
  • The app is free: you only pay for SMS messages sent.
  • Reporting: The information sent by SMS can be viewed in your SMS service account.
  • 24/7 connection to the support department: To ask a question, click on the link on Facebook.

Why waste precious time? Send SMS from Chrome in a single click now.

I had tried a few different mass sms services before i found Atomic SMS Sender, i found it easy to use, it worked perfectly and got the job done quickly at a great price compared to others i have used, so i would definitely recommend this service Read more »
Richard James
i am grateful for this development and i recommend you so much. Keep it up Read more »
United Nation GH Ashanti
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