Atomic Email Logger

Extract emails from Word, Excel, PDF, and other files on your hard drive



Atomic Email Logger is software that scans your hard drive and extracts as many email addresses as the included files contain.

By default, you can select one or several disks. The program searches them thoroughly and collects all available email addresses.

Note that Email Logger does not support removable hard drives.



logger_settingsAtomic Email Logger supports all file types. But for processing some of them, you’ll need to install additional plugins which can be found here.

The plugin technology is very simple: you order additional plugins and activate them. Then this email extractor will run at full capacity and extract more email addresses.

Learn more about plugins in the User’s Manual or contact our Customer Support.



logger_contactsFeel free to manage the contacts list.

You can add, delete or edit a contact, and search through the list for the contact you need. Improve your list of email addresses by deleting bad, suspicious and duplicated contacts.

You can also filter and export your list.







If you need, you can get a list of the files where these email addresses were found … and see exactly how the email addresses and the local files correspond.

Export the files list and find out which files (and email addresses) reached their recipients.

We promise. You’ll be surprised at how many email addresses your hard disk contains.






The registered version of Atomic Email Logger supports saving extracted email addresses.

You can choose the extracted file’s location and how it’s saved, whether to the clipboard, to an office application, or to other Atomic applications.


We are pleased to say something about the software offered by ATOMPARK. We have used several of the programs for quite some number of years. In all, it has been an excellent tool for our marketing support and hope to see only more new and improved features as we've experience just about each of all the years in which we've had a license to use your software.Thank you for the continued service and ongoing improvements that help to keep us ahead of the curve of electronic based communication in the 21st century.As always... Read more »
Christopher T. Hoar
FLEET Services, Inc.,
I have known about Email Logger from a friend who was using it for marketing purpose, and once I tried the trial version I really liked it. Now I am using full version and it works like a charm. Thanks guys for making such a great software Read more »
Five Star Trading Co.
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