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How to extract email addresses from Excel

If you export emails to Microsoft Excel and each populates in a single cell, that’s great. However, some external sources may contain unwanted data, and the populated list will contain unnecessary texts. 

To get rid of the text string and only remain with the viable superscription, you will need to extract email addresses from Excel.

Why may you need to retrieve a lot of emails from Excel sheets?

Companies might need to extract emails from Excel sheets for lead generation purposes. Mail merge is one particular application that relies on this retrieved data, allowing companies to send personalized emails in bulk, boosting email marketing. 

Extracting email addresses from Excel manually

Manually extracting email addresses from Excel is possible. However, you might need to format cells individually – cutting and pasting – a tedious and complex process.

Additionally, you can either use VBA macro or various functions such as TRIM, RIGHT, SUBSTITUTE, LEFT, FIND, REPT, and LEN. TEXTJOIN is also another function in Excel you can use, but it only works on the latest 2016 Ms Excel version and needs an Office 365 subscription. 

How to do it correctly when you have a really big amount of data?

Manual bulk data entry is nothing any company wants to risk. The chances of errors are high, and it is a time-consuming process. For these reasons, the importance of using an email extractor from Excel cannot be over-emphasized.

Benefits of using special software

The benefits you will experience once you understand how to extract email from text in Excel using special software include:

  • Saved time: no matter how fast your workforce is, their optimal speeds are only a fraction of what we experience with automation software. 
  • Saved money: Applications such as Email Logger have a one-off fee, and you can use it for as long as you want. This minimizes the need for extra human labor. 
  • No errors: manually working with table Excel can be tiresome, presenting opportunities for mistakes. Software applications are accurate, which improves your company’s data quality.
  • Improved productivity: humdrum tasks are demoralizing to many workers. However, by leveraging the power of automation software to retrieve, for instance, addresses and phone numbers, your workers can concentrate on other critical business processes, improving productivity.

Detailed instructions on how to use Email Logger with Excel

If you want to know how to parse email address in Excel, look no further than Email Logger. 

Email logger is an application that allows you to extract data from Ms Office applications. It also provides a seamless way to extract email addresses from Facebook.

Here are comprehensive instructions on how to extract email addresses from Excel using Atompark Email Logger.

  1.    Open Email Logger
  2.    Select your data source. This can be from your hard disk, file, or folder 
  3.    Click ok
  4.    The Excel email extractor automatically will pull out all the data you need
  5.    Save the data.

Final words

An email and phone number extractor provide an easy way for companies to pull out data from Excel without the need to input complex functions. Its impeccable accuracy levels improve measurement abilities, a vital aspect of successful email marketing campaigns. Additionally, its ability to work on hefty workloads in a short time allows a business to scale up seamlessly.

Get the Atomic Email Logger free trial today.

Discover our other servicec on the website. Using email address tracker you can track the email delivery and answers, and with mass email extractor hunt for the new emails through the web. In our list of software there are also number grabber collecting phone numbers, whois scraper in order to find information about the owner of the email and a email verification software for checking the email address.

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