Atomic Whois Explorer

Extracts Emails from WHOIS database


whois email extractorAtomic Whois Explorer extracts email addresses and other contact data about specified domains and their users.

You just need to enter a list of domain names and in a minute the program will display the query results with information about the registrant contact, the administrative contact, IP addresses, domain registration dates and many other details.





whois email extractionThe program will display a single domain’s data, or a multitude of domains’ information (simultaneously). It just depends on what you enter.

If you choose to display domains’ information “by one”, then you’ll get an illustrative list of data. Scrolling down, you can find the information you seek.





whois email collector

If you choose to display domains’ information “by list”, you’ll get a table-of-sorts with multiple columns containing the information.

One line corresponds to one domain from your list.

When exporting data, you can leave the information in columns and save the columns’ names.





whois email harvesterThe WHOIS query can be done faster for one domain with the help of the Detailed Whois Query window.

Enter a domain name, choose a WHOIS Server and get a server response in the tab below.

You can use this type of information search if you don’t have a very big list of domain addresses.




whois email grabberExport data is only possible in the registered program version.

First of all, choose the saving file format and then select the data fields you want to have in the saved file.

After you go through all necessary steps, a new file with domains contact information will be generated.





domain owner email extractorWhen generating a WHOIS request, Atomic Whois Explorer will allow you to filter query results and ignore some email addresses.

Specify the list of bad email addresses, specify a proxy server, choose the interface language and customize the other program settings in their corresponding menu items.

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Extract personal data of the website owners and managers using WHOIS database.
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