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Text Messaging for Promotions

All businesses should communicate with their potential clients regularly. It helps to promote the brand and sell more products. If you are looking for the most convenient and effective way to keep in touch with the target audience pay your attention to promotional messaging.

Sending text messages to potential clients really brings good results. 98% of the receivers open the messages, according to TechJury statistics. And on average, they do this in the first 3 minutes. And this is an enormous open rate compared to the other marketing channels. Do you want to be really read? Then choose Bulk text messaging as the way to communicate with the potential clients. And further, in this article, we will tell you how to use this channel for marketing.

The Difference Between Promotional and Transactional SMS

These are two main types of messages that businesses use. You can see what is the difference between promotional and transactional SMS in the comparative table.

Promotional Transactional
The aim is to sell the products The purpose is to notify the receiver about something important and to help him do some actions (e.g., to get registered)
Contains the offer and the call to action Consists of the information useful for the client (the code for registration or confirming some operations, etc).
The sending can be set up manually Usually are sent automatically
Are sent when an entrepreneur or marketer wants to attract the potential clients and motivate them to buy the products Are sent as the response to some actions done by the people (for example, a person is getting registered on the website, and the code for this is sent)

Now that you know what are the transactional and promotional messages and how they differ, let’s discuss more detailed how to write the promotional texts.

How to Write a Promotional SMS

Text sales promotions work well only if they are written in a proper way. Here is how to create an effective message.

Use personalization

Everyone likes to feel valuable and unique. So, call the receivers by names at the beginning of the message. By creating a personalized text message, you can increase the experience of the recipient but also provide better performance for your bulk texting campaign.

Personalization in the message by the holiday goods shop

Make your offer clear, easy to understand, and short

The one should understand what you are proposing from the first reading. Or else you won’t get a high conversion, because nobody re-reads the messages they haven’t understood, they just delete such messages. Also, remember about the character limit. One SMS can contain only 160 symbols including spaces. The perfect variant is when you describe the offer in one sentence. Still, need to send long messages? Telegram group messages are good because you can describe the proposal in detail. The maximum message size in this Messenger is 900 characters.

The offer by the accessories shop is clear, all the needed details are mentioned. It is formulated in one sentence. Moreover, the call to action (“Buy”) is combined in one sentence with the offer.

Be accurate with the call to action

Don’t forget about it. The call to action is the compulsory element of promotional text messages. But also, don’t overdo. There should be only one call to action in one message. Or else, the receivers’ attention will dissipate, and you won’t get a high conversion.

The online shop of women’s clothes has added two calls to action in one SMS. This is wrong. Don’t write the messages this way.

Here is how we can correct this example:

We’ve just removed the second call to action and left only one of them. Such a message will give a higher conversion.

Add the time limit

This is an effective marketing trick that influences the person’s mind and motivates him/her to make a purchase faster.

The time limit in the SMS from the clothes online shop

Use the unique promo codes

It makes an every receiver feel more important to you, because it seems that the offer is made individually for him/her.

The clothes online shop has added the unique promo code to the SMS

Add your contacts at the end of the SMS

This can be the link to your website or the address of the offline store, cafe, etc.

The message by the online shop contains the link to their website

Add the opt-out option

You need to give to your receivers the opportunity to be excluded from your contact list. You can put the unsubscribe link or set up the unsubscription by texting a keyword.

The restaurant has put the opt-out option

In Atomic SMS Sender, you can add the opt-out link just in one click. Here is how it will look like:

Unsubscribe link in the text


Let’s sum up all the rules of a successful text for an SMS:

  1.     Personalization.
  2.     Clear and short offer.
  3.     One offer per one message.
  4.     One call to action per one SMS.
  5.     Marketing tricks: time limits, promo codes, etc.
  6.     Contacts (the address of your shop, cafe, etc, or the website of your company) at the end of the message).
  7.     Opt out option after the main text.

Stick to all these tips and launch effective SMS campaigns!

Now that you know how to write promotional SMS messages, pass to the final step — reaching the receivers. Send bulk promotional SMS with Atomic SMS Sender, a convenient and trustworthy tool for marketers.
Registering in the service you’ll get 10 free messages to ensure its quality.

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