Atomic Mail Verifier

Verify Email Addresses



Atomic Mail Verifier supports loading lists of email addresses from various sources, such as clipboard files, local files, or files imported from other Atomic software.

The program interface displays all the data columns that your list of email addresses contains.






The program supports several verification steps that can be done separately, one-by-one or all together.

Mail Verifier can check if a domain is valid, check an email address syntax, or find out if an email address exists by looking through facebook pages and finding corresponding registered email addresses.






Customize the program settings before starting email list cleaning. In addition to SMTP and proxy settings for a better and faster connection, you can specify different filter rules to apply while domains and email addresses are cheсked.







Atomic Mail Verifier supports filter rules. This means that you can set up certain statuses for defined domains. The available statuses are “correct,” “incorrect,” “missed,” and “unchecked”.

If you assign a specific status to a certain domain, be aware that all email addresses belonging to this domain will have that specific status while undergoing verification.





Verified lists can be exported into Atomic software for bulk email message sending. A checked list of email addresses is loaded as a mailing list and can be used without changes.

By the way, when integrating, you’ll get a list that includes valid email addresses only.





Export Wizard makes it easy to export verified email addresses into a clipboard file, local file, or another Atomic product.

You can export email addresses with any statuses you need: valid only, incorrect, missed, unchecked, or all of them.

The generated list of email addresses contains email address statuses and column names.

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