Atomic Email Studio Features

Atomic Email Studio is an all-in-one Atomic software product. It is a unique solution for email marketing. The modules included in the program can be used for:

  • Sending bulk newsletters

  • Mailing list management

  • Automating the process of recipient subscription and unsubscription

  • Searching for new subscribers

A single program represents each module. You can launch them right after choosing the necessary function.

Atomic Email Studio Atomic Email Studio v.15.11
Atomic Email Studio v.15.11

Start email marketing from scratch

  • Collecting targeted mailing lists in 5 minutes
  • Keeping your mailing lists active and organized
  • Managing unlimited amount of data
  • Sending email campaigns
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Email campaign creation and management

The user can create several email campaigns. Atomic Email Studio is able to work with each campaign separately. The following processes can be applied to all projects:

  • Importing emails

  • Editing mailing lists

  • Checking all addresses

  • Creating and sending a letter

  • Measuring campaign results

Newsletter mailing features

  • Email personalization

  • Attachment of an unlimited amount of files

  • Support of plain-text and HTML formats

  • Rotation of the message parameters (like changing values of the “from” or “subject” fields)

  • Import from a number of formats

  • Autoreplies to incoming messages

Mailing list management features

  • Three verification steps for fast email list cleaning

  • Redaction the targeted mailing lists of any size

  • Personalization. Each contact may contain as much personal data as you wish

  • Automated process of invalid email address removal through verification

  • Mailing list management: this includes merging, subtraction, intersection, splitting, and removal of duplicate emails

Searching for new contacts

  • Search for emails with the help of popular search engines (such as Google, Bing, Yahoo) and their local versions (,, etc.)

  • Extract addresses from a particular website

  • Quick extraction of information from local files (involving extraction from archives and password-protected files)

  • Extract emails from Gmail, Hotmail and other email service providers (Mailbox Plugin)

  • Quick data extraction from Outlook Address Book

  • Search for emails of website owners (in WHOIS databases) Extract emails from Facebook social groups and pages

Email campaign monitoring

To track email campaigns, you must activate Atomic Email Tracker.

  • Detect the number of recipients who have read the sent campaign (quantity and percentage)

  • Divide by country

  • Divide recipient activity by time (hours, weekdays)

  • Determine the dynamics

  • Compare campaign effectiveness

  • Receive statistics by email or RSS

In addition, you can monitor your campaigns with the help of Google Analytics. This is made possible by inserting a special script on your website. Google Analytics measures the effectiveness of the campaigns by tracking clicks driven to the site, sales, and conversions.

Access Atomic hot news

An exclusive feature of Atomic Email Studio is access to hot news from our website, blogs, and archives, which includes marketing tricks, tips and techniques. You can toggle this feature on or off in the settings.

Access to Atomic online servers

Users are able to use one of the Atomic online services. You need to specify your login and password for service access. You can reach:

  • Atomic SMS Sender

  • Atomic Verifier online

  • Atomic List Manager online

  • Atomic Email Tracker online

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