Filters Settings

The option is in the menu “Verify”/ “Common settings”/ tab “Filters settings”.

If you know that some servers do not allow proper mailbox checkup or mail servers are missing you can create a list of such server names to speed up overall processing. The application will search for a matching server name in the list and then assign the status you specify for all e-mail addresses with this server name.

Filter — list of domains.

Status — the default status for every domain (it can be changed).

Add — add a new domain and the information for it.

Edit — change the information (status) of the selected domain.

Here are the values of the filter: Correct, Incorrect, Missed, Unchecked.

As an example, it is widely known that mail server responds with “Mailbox exists” to any query regardless of whether the actual address exists or not. That is why it seems to be a good idea to add * mask to the list and assign the “Correct” status to all e-mail addresses with America Online.

Delete — delete the selected domain.

Delete all — clear the domain list. In order to recover the information, just save the text file with domain information.

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