Responce Rules

Using response rules improves the accuracy of email address tests.

Rules can be set for email addresses that are not currently available for testing, but may exist. Without installation of the rules, the program will single out such an address, marking it in the work journal as “try later” or “rejected”. After installing rules for these types of responses, you can designate these addresses as “not proven,” and after some time they can be rechecked for reliable results.

Response rules are set in «Settings/General Settings/Responses».

The upper unit displays 4 available statuses, which are assigned to a particular email address.

In the middle of the status, the user can define an unlimited number of templates and rules; using these, the program will determine what status to assign to a verifiable address.

Each template consists of the name of the template and the text (keywords). To add a new one, click on the link «Add text to a new template» and enter the name and the text of the new template.

• Template Name – general meaning for all the keywords specified in the description.

• Text of the Template – all keywords, which will help to define and apply a rule. Please note that the text of the template may contain incomplete sentences, or the main forms of verbs. For example, if the program correctly applies the rule, the text of the template can contain “block” instead of the full phrase “is blocked”.

The user can create an unlimited number of templates for each rule, as well as edit and delete existing templates.

After checking, the name of the rule (pattern) will be displayed in the «Status» column , and the status can be determined by the color and icon next to the status.

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