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Search Addresses

To search for the certain addresses in the imported list is possible in “Filters”/ “Search”/ “Search e-mail”.

Click “Search e-mail” and fill in the dialog box.

What — input the address you want to find or the word.

Only the whole word — the program finds all the e-mail addresses with the whole specified word only. For example, if you search for «info», the program will find «info@ferra.ru» address but won’t find «myinfo@ferra.ru» and «infoworld@ferra.ru» addressses, because in such a case the word «info» is a part of compound word.

With “Caps Lock” button — to search the address up to the complete matching of the uppercase and lowercase letters combinations with the search require.

Distination — choose the distination of the search (up/down the list). The distination is defined towards the certain highlighted address. If there is no address you search up or down the highleghted one, the program won’t find it. Even if it exists in the imported list.

Find next — start the searchign process. And then search addresses one by one, always clicking “Find next”.

If there are several duplicate addresses you can use “Search up” and “Search down” buttons. In such a case, the search is done up or down towards the found address.

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