Plug-ins support

Atomic Email Loggers supports plug-ins. Plug-ins are the small and useful additions for the program that allow process specific types of files, extract contact information from standard places like Browser cache, mailboxes, Clipboard etc.

There are two basic types of plug-ins. The first group is to process specific types of files. For example, Atomic Email Logger goes with two sample plug-ins to extract data from MS Word, MS Excel, WAB files and Adobe PDF.

The plug-ins of second large group are developed to find contact information in the standard locations. By default, Atomic Email Logger can find e-mail addresses and user names in the following locations:

  • •   Internet Explorer cache;

  • •   Opera 5,6,7 cache;

  • •   FireFox cache;

  • •   Windows Clipboard;

  • •   My documents folder;

  • •   Program Files folder;

  • •   The Bat! mailboxes

Sometimes we publish new plug-ins (both free and commercial) for Atomic Email Logger on our official site.

If you are a software vendor and interested in creating and selling your own plug-ins for Email Logger then you are welcome! Please contact us to request a specification.

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