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AtomicLead Extractor

Search for emails and phone numbers

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Get contacts from websites specifically for your business

E-mail address, phone number, Skype & ICQ extracting

The cell phone number scraper has a wide range of plug-ins for extracting different types of information such as phone and fax numbers as well as Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ and AIM contacts. The cell phone extraction application extracts e-mail address numbers by default, but it also supports the search of other contact types.

Refined search within a website

If your potential clients communicate from a particular website, enter the URL in the “New Search/Sites List”. Our mobile phone number harvester will collect the contact information for further calls, SMS messages, or emails. This is one of the best ways to create a targeted contact list. There is an opportunity to load the file with the list of website addresses.

Keyword search

Atomic Lead Extractor will extract data by the keyword you enter for the niche you‘re seeking information about. The program will use the search engine(s) you specify. Then, it will scan all of the websites looking for information.

Proxy support

Atomic Lead Extractor does not require a proxy to connect to the Internet. Some websites and search engines limit the number of simultaneous queries from one PC. To circumvent this limitation, you can use a proxy server. You will need to manually enter a list of proxy servers to be used, download it/them directly from the computer, or use the one we offer.

Search engine settings

Atomic Lead Extractor works with 39 search engines. 8 of these engines are selected by default. You can change the list, and the number, of engines to be used.

Black list

You can block search by some websites and by direct links to search engines. It is possible by creating black lists of domains and websites ("Common settings/Black list"). The user just needs to insert the list of sites and domains which will be excluded from parsing.

Why Atomic Lead Extractor is the best solution


Unlimited contact lists

There is no limit to the size of the lists that you can create with Atomic number grabber


Targeted lists of phone numbers

Find contacts of your target audience only


Supported by 39 search engines

Use them to find leads anywhere on the Web


Expanded log

You can see what websites the contacts are taken from


Integrated with other programs

Full compatibility with other Atomic products


Technical support

Contact a specialist any time of the day or night

Advanced tools can save hours to get prospecting emails from social media FREE

Fax Plug-in
If you want to collect faxes in addition to phone numbers, this plug-in will help you to do this.
Skype Plug-in
It searches the Web for Skype IDs and extracts them from websites.
Messenger Plug-ins
With the help of these plug-ins, you will be able to gather contacts from MSN, Yahoo, AIM, and ICQ.

Get unlimited lists of phone numbers from websites

No recurring fees. Pay only once and it will work forever!
How to install Lead Extractor on MacOS Intel or Apple M1 Take a look
How to install soft on MacOS

Why should you use Atomic Lead Extractor

The tool is really helpful.It is the best I have seen so far. Can generate leads and very influential.
Sergiy Novikov
Lead Generation Specialist
Mind-blowing. I can find exact category of user mails fit my products. Simply amazing
Dmitriy Bondarev
Senior marketer
It is really value for money, will advise any online business to get it. You target your own clients. Thumbs UP!
Adam Davis
Online store owner

Latest updates will make your work even easier

Atomic Lead Extractor 9.00

Let us introduce the updated version of Lead Extractor to you. These are changes and upgrades we've made:

  • Added the ability of filtration of all the added and chosen words simultaneously.

  • Corrected the problems with exporting.

  • Fixed all the minor bugs.

  • Introduced the 7-days trial period. Now you have a possibility to test all the programs’ features for free.

  • Cut the dead weight. The outdated plugins, such as ICQ, AIM, MSN, were deleted.

Update the program and enjoy its more qualitative functioning.

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You might be wondering

How to use Atomic Lead Extractor?
You should have the Internet connection to use phone number extractor from website. Install the program, run it. Then specify the keywords or add the URLs you need and click 'Start'. More details about using the program you can find in our Atomic Lead Extractor Manual.
Why You Should Use Our Lead Scraper
Atomic Lead Extractor is designed to search for contacts and build a base of potential customers. The basic version of the program allows you to collect email addresses. With additional plugins it is possible to search and collect:
  • Extract fax numbers and mobile phone numbers from text.
  • Collect Skype contacts.
  • Extract email addresses and other contact information from Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, AIM, MSN Messenger.

The program will also extract information from sites that require authentication. For this, you should enter a login and password, suitable for the specific site. In addition, the program will retrieve contacts from sites encoded with JavaScript.
Can I get phone number extractor from website freeware?
There is a demo version. So, you can download phone number extractor from website freeware software. A free phone number extractor from website is active during 7 days after installation.
What sources I can collect emails from
Atomic’s Leads Extractor software will gather email addresses, phone numbers, as well as Skype, MSN, AOL, Yahoo, and ICQ IDs, from the web. Mobile extractor collects contacts in 39 search engines. Phone number web extractor understands edited and created scripts, and searches for contacts on all available sites.
You will also have the opportunity to search for unnecessary sites or search engines. To do this, the phone number web extractor has the ability to create a blacklist and add domains or sites there that you do not need contacts from. Atomic Lead Extractor quickly searches and retrieves information by analyzing multiple resources simultaneously. You can set the number of threads by setting limits when loading links.
How to Collect Phone Numbers and Mails From Website in 6 Steps
  • Open the program.
  • Click «New Search».
  • Enter a keyword or URL for a quick lead search.
  • Select a search engine.
  • Choose the type of information you would like to get.
  • Click «Start». The program will show you «Search is finished» as soon as it is ready to provide you with information.