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Atomic Lead Extractor Screenshots

mainAtomic Lead Extractor’s main window is divided into several parts: Toolbar, search monitor and statistics dialog.

The Toolbar contains three tabs with the main program setting and other available options for project management, data search, and export.

The Search Monitor shows the search results like the list of extracted contacts, processed URLs and found data (in case of data mining), and others.

The Statistics dialog includes search process information and project details. The counter of time elapsed and contacts found helps to control data extracting.


advanced_searchIn order to improve the search you can specify additional settings.

In addition, you have three search types at your disposal. The program will search for contact data using a keyphrase, within the list of websites’ URLs or just on a detect website. You choose.

With the help of the advanced search additional pull-down panel, you can fine-tune the search for the best results.






Using the program’s common settings you can configure Lead Extractor correctly by specifying proxy servers, connection type and defining search limits.

You can also apply different filter rules and select the contacts you need by filtering extracted data using a keyword.

The filter tab also lets you delete duplicates in the extracted data list.




new_projectIt is easy to start a new search with the new project wizard. In just a few steps, you can customize contact information extracted perfectly.

You don’t need to open additional windows or look for additional settings tabs. The new project wizard combines all the necessary steps in one dialog, so it takes just a few minutes to adjust your search.

You’ll find more program settings in the Common Settings menu.




settingsThe program settings include many menus on configuring Internet connection, proxy support, interface, program language, and the options to set up search parameters.

Detailed filter rules allow the program to detect URLs, or file types, for exclusion while searching. This makes data extraction faster and more efficient.

By default, Atomic Lead Extractor scans webpages for email addresses, user names and phone numbers. If you want to get more contact data, you’ll need to activate additional plugins which are free for you.




data_miningUse data mining if you need to extract contact data from similar pages on one topical website.

You need to paste a typical URL address (for one current website), select a webpage element (or some of them), that can contain contact information, and run data mining.

For specifying data mining settings, there is the “More options” button to the right of the main hunt field.




export_wizardThe extracted data can be exported into the clipboard files, local files or transferred into other Atomic products.

According to your need, you can save URL addresses or contacts.

Use filtering when you export files. Thus, you can save processed URLs only or filtered contacts only. Choose fields to save and click the “Save” button.

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