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Atomic Mail Sender’s main interface looks like an email message editor with a main menu and toolbar for configuring the program.

If you are used to working with an HTML editor, you can use the additional “HTML source code” tab.




bulk mailer templates


You can use ready-made templates to create newsletters.

Choose the template you like, add your text and company logo (if you‘re with a company), and get your individual newsletter ready for sending.

If you like, you can create your own email message by copying-and-pasting one, or do it entirely on your own with the help of the built-in HTML editor.



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Personalize that email message! Add any information you have about your recipients into it. Use the client’s first and last name, office address, email, phone number, and more … if your mailing list includes such facts.

In addition, you can add your name, email address, and the current date to this newsletter, automatically.




mass emailing software
your recipients know that they can share the information they like (in email messages you send them) with their family and friends on social media. This is a good way for your company to get new customers and cover your target audience.

You can also keep in touch with your clients on social media and find out more about their likes, dislikes, and preferences.




bulk emailing software


Atomic Mail Sender allows you to create unique email messages in order to improve their chances of bypassing the spam filters.

To accomplish this, we have Random Word Editor. You specify a few synonyms that the program will insert randomly into each email message you send.



bulk mailer spam check


Make sure your email messages don’t look like spam.

After you finish creating your newsletter, you can use our built-in Spam Checker to find out if the email message is valid, or if there are any mistakes which could cause it to be delivered to the recipients’ spam folder.




bulk mailing list


Add email addresses manually, paste them from the clipboard or from a file, or import them from another Atomic product.

Atomic Mail Sender allows you to create as many mailing lists as you need and load an unlimited number of recipient email addresses.

In addition, there are basic the options for email list management.



mass mailing unsubscription


Legal direct marketing is possible only if you insert an unsubscription link into each email message.

There are two ways to unsubscribe: Via email and via website. You can choose the one that fits you better and customize your auto-unsubscribe process.




bulk mailer smtp settings


Atomic Mail Sender supports both built-in and external SMTP servers.

If you use an external one, please specify its settings correctly and check its validity before sending e-newsletters.




bulk mailer google analytics


Using Atomic Mail Sender, you can track each sent email campaign, and analyze its efficiency. Further, you can increase the deliverability and the email-open-rate with our additional Email Verifier tool.

Use either Google Analytics or our Atomic Email Tracker to monitor your campaign.



bulk mailer unsubscribe wizard


We developed Unsubscription Wizard to keep those people off your mailing lists who didn’t want to be there.

Just go through several minor Wizard steps, specify the mailing list source, and do a few other required actions and you’ll end up with a bona fide, usable list of email addresses.



bulk mailer send monitor


After your email campaign is ready and all the program settings are customized correctly, send it!

The Send Mail Monitor will show you your email’s progress while it’s delivering. You will be given any bad email addresses, and you’ll see other sending conditions.

At this point, you can pause or stop the sending, and get a detailed delivery report.


bulk mailer send status


You can check email message deliverability before sending the whole email campaign. To do this, Atomic Mail Sender will do a “test sending” of one email message to one email address.

Specify a recipient’s email address and send a message. The connection log will appear and you will see immediately if your email message was successfully sent.



bulk mailer bounce analyzer


Monitor your email campaigns with our built-in Bounce Analyzer.

This option helps to recognize bounced email messages and remove clients’ bad email addresses. Thus you can avoid bounces and reduce the chance of their being blocked by mistake.

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