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Atomic Mail Sender Overview

Software Platform for Sending Newsletters


Atomic Mail Sender is an effective marketing tool. This kind of free bulk email sender is ideal for those who need a simple solution to send mass email to potential and current customers. Our Email Sender specializes in sending bulk newsletters. The qualitative features for creating professional personalized emails will satisfy both experienced users and beginners. The sender’s convenience and ease of use will please everyone.

Only a few minutes separates you from the delivery of your email. Creating email campaigns has never been easier. Detailed statistics will help you keep track of your email marketing strategies’ results.

Main Features of Mass Mailing Sender

Spam Checker

Do you want to know if your email is likely to be delivered to the “spam” folder? Use the built-in spam checker, powered by SpamAssassin. It analyzes your email and gives you a spam score. The lower the score, the better the chance of your email getting to the inbox.

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Removing unsubscribers

When your recipient unsubscribes from your newsletters, their email address is blocked.  The emailing software handles this automatically so you do not have to remove emails from your lists manually.

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As soon as the delivery finishes, its statistics are presented to the sender.

The reports are divided into 3 parts: campaign statistics, delivery statistics (sent, delivered, click-through emails), error statistics.

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How to Start an Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is an easy-access, effective method to convert prospects into customers and develop valuable relationships with your existing customers. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, we have a mass email sender that will work for you. Creating effective email marketing messages can be easy.

How to Send Bulk Email

send bulk emailDownload Atomic Email Sender.
bulk emailing serviceCreate or choose email template.
mass emailing serviceMake email branded and write interesting text.
mailing seviceFill in the main sender information.
emailing serviceSelect address book  (load it from your PC or enter addresses manually).
send mass emailsClick “Send,” and that’s all! All of your recipients will get your information.

Atomic Email Sender

Atomic Mail Sender is a software platform that allows you to create, edit, and send bulk email newsletters. Such built-in features as automatically inserted unsubscribed links, an HTML editor, import of recipient lists of any size, email templates, tracking modules, and many others provide the user with an all-in-one email marketing solution. If that’s the first time you read about a bulk email sender, you may want to find out what is bulk email.

I had tried about 10 different mailing programs. They all fell short in one way or another. I then tried a free trial of Atomic Mail. It does everything I want or needed. It is also the easiest to operate. Being a novice, I had some problems at first. My ignorance. I was able to get help at once. I have to recommend this company over all the others. I am able to send to my whole list of 21,000 plus in about one and half hours. This problem is especially great if one wants to use html. Larry in new Orleans Read more »
Larry in New Orleans
We wanted a faster, easier method of sending promotional emails from multiple lists. Our email software and database could do the job but that meant a lot of labour and it also blocked out us being able to receive emails whilst it was processing. With just a few clicks Atomic Mail Sender can schedule and send out thousands of emails to any numbers of lists in a fraction of the time without blocking our important line of communication. The associated products are just as helpful and easy to use.   Read more »
Adam Richards
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