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Atomic Email Service Features

Unlimited number of mailing lists

There is an opportunity to load mailing lists in *.xls, *.xlsx, *.txt, and *.csv formats. The process of downloading runs in background mode, so you can load several lists at the same time. There is no access to the address book while downloading; it is blocked.

Activation of multiple sender addresses

 Service capabilities allow the entry and activation of multiple sender addresses, without limitations in their number. Thus there is no need to create multiple accounts within your account to send emails to each address separately.

Subscription forms

A subscription form can be generated by a user to fully match the sender’s website style. You can change the form style, add additional fields, and edit text in the Atomic Email Service form generator.


The service offers the ability to specify personal information for a newsletter recipient. Additional fields will help you personalize messages.

 Support of plain-text format and HTML

While creating a newsletter, you are able to use both text and HTML. Only HTML provides full message editing.

Unsubscribe links

You can create your own unsubscription links for insertion in each of your newsletters. 

Unsubscribe pages

The unsubscribe link can be placed on a special page. You have the opportunity to customize a unique design for it.

Labels for email addresses

 Segmentation of your mailing list is simpler through creation of unique labels for uploaded email addresses.

Free templates

Atomic Email Service possesses free ready-to-use templates for creating and designing professional newsletters for your campaigns.

Personal templates

Besides the available templates, you can create your own unique designs. Use “Copy Templates” to do this.


You can schedule the start of your email delivery for a desired time and date. Just specify these values, and distribution will start automatically at the appointed time.


After the delivery is done, Atomic Email Service provides detailed statistics. The reports are presented in 3 fields:

  • General campaign statistics
  • Delivery statistics (number of sent, delivered and clicked-through emails)
  • Error statistics

Collected data is at your disposal with the help of Atomic Email Tracker (and the availability of your service account)
Our service supports Google Analytics; you’ll require an account to work with it.

Click map

You can view the number of clicks made on every link included in your newsletter.

Block email addresses

When any of your recipients unsubscribes from your newsletters, his or her email address will be blocked automatically. It will not be removed from your mailing list.  

Data export

 You can save campaign result (statistics and emails) into *.xls, *.xlsx, and *.csv files.

Split test

Also known as an A/B test, this is a rapidly developing method of marketing research. Two versions of a letter with slight differences are sent to a small number of recipients. The version that gets a better open or click-through rate is sent to the rest of the recipients.

White Label

While using this option your letters will not contain mention of our service. After ordering, you get a dedicated IP address and your sent mailings will not include indication of Atomic Email Service or AtomPark.
Activation of the service is available to all users with the rate “1,000” and higher.

I'm sure in every my email campaign with Atomic Email Service. Good easy in usage it is still a professional email service. Customer support is great! Thanks to you, guys! You helped me really much. Read more »
I have been working with the service and I can't find any failing feature in it. Everything is clear, simple, fast and almost automatical. You are required to load mailing lists, create a message and send it in a click. THAT'S REALLY ALL! No complex settings or troubles. My conclusion: want to send bulk emails without any problems – get the Atomic Email Service! Read more »
Ben E. Mitchel
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