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We believe email messaging is a compelling tool for sending useful and on-demand information, and are opposed to the sending of unsolicited email messages.
Any registered user of Atomic Email Service can send email messages to his/her friends, family, colleagues, clients, contacts, etc. using our service.
Atomic Email Service strictly forbids the sending of any SPAM messages via electronic mail from our service at any time.

Our Definition of Email Spam

We consider any unsolicited, unexpected, or unwanted email message sent to recipients in order to extort valuables from them or mislead them, or any message originating from an unauthorized sender, to be SPAM.

Our users specifically agree NOT to use Atomic Email Service to send SPAM. Their email messages must comply with the following principles:

  1. No false, invalid or misleading information in the subject line or body of email message may be sent using Atomic Email Service.
  2. No email message may be sent to email recipients without having previously obtained their consent.
  3. Text displayed must clearly state or illustrate the service being offered.
  4. Marketing campaigns must clearly identify who is providing the service (originator) and clearly state the expense of the service promoted.

Anti-Spam Policy Enforcement

Any evidence of users not adhering to this anti-spam policy will cause immediate cessation of user spam message-sending and suspension of the service, and may also result in freezing of all email credits to ensure an immediate end to violation until details are confirmed.

Your Right to Cancel / Money Back Guarantee

  • You can cancel account subscription in Atomic Email Service only until you have sent 200 email messages. If exceeded, the user account is considered to be fully working, and no refund will be allowable.
  • If your account is cancelled or suspended due to SPAM complaints no refund will be allowable.
    • Make sure all recipients are permission based emails (opt-in emails) i.e. agreed to receive email messages from you.
    • It is strictly forbidden to send email messages to the list of email addresses that was generated automatically by email extractor software; likewise you are not allowed to use purchased email addresses for bulk mailings.
    • You must ensure that your email message meets the requirements of the CAN-SPAM Act — pay attention to the statement that each email message you send with the advertising, commercial, and informative purpose must contain your valid physical address.
  • We reserve the right to stop providing service and block user account if even one of your email campaign gets over-the-top complaints.

Accounts blocked due to exceeding complaints are denied in getting a refund.

We understand that there can be a certain number of complaints if you send bulk email messages. According to our Service terms and conditions we specified a permitted complaints level as around 0.9% per single email campaign sent to a single email address book. In addition, we take into consideration different factors like the amount of sent email messages as well as complaints ratio and types of complaints. But nevertheless if your email campaign gets a ratio that exceeds the permitted level, we reserve the right to block or terminate your account without a refund.

SPAM and Abuse Reporting

Please let us know about any abuse or unwanted/unsolicited messages. In your email, please attach the spam email. Include the date and time you received the message. Send your report to medik@atompark.com.

Please note that we do not knowingly do business with any company or person that sends unsolicited email messages.

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