We don't offer web based service any longer since we consider Atomic Sender a more affordable and suitable offer.
You get Atomic Bulk Email Service for $ 79.85, no monthly fees.
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Atomic Email Service Pricing

We’ve created 4 types of pricing plans: Free Plan, Monthly Subscriptions, VIP Plan and Pay As You Go Plan. You do not need to make the choice right now – just sign up for a free plan and upgrade when you are ready.

Price PlansPriceNumber
of recipients
per month
Free Plan

Send up to 15 000 emails per month for free

Free2 50015 000Free signup »
Monthly Subscription
The pricing plans let you send unlimited email broadcasts to your entire subscriber base.If you prefer to pay in advance for several months you get up to 30% off.
from 2 500 to 500 000unlimitedFree signup »

VIP Plan

Planning to send email messages to more than 500 000 subscribers per month?

Contact SendPulse sales department to order VIP Plan with unlimited number of subscribers and a low price per email.

No monthly feeNo restrictionsEmail SendPulse at
sales@sendpulse.com or call+1 (609) 531-06-60



Price PlansPriceNumber
of recipients
per month

Base Rate

When your montly plan expires you are billed this base rate per email.

$0.0044/emailNo monthly feeNo restrictions
I am satisfied with your new service. I have tried it and now don't want to change it on any other anymore. Especially I'm pleased with the templates that you've designed for me. Perfect work! Thank you very much for it. Read more »
"… You have made a great work and a great service. Not so long ago I've registered a free account and now I am thinking about getting a paid account. 100 000 messages per hour – it's really worth purchasing. Read more »
Jeremy W.
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Get the opportunity to send up to 3500 email messages per month to 200 of your recipients.

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