Sort emails list in one of the four ways. Unlike most operations this one sorts original list and does not create a copy. Be careful if you hone some special order of your list.

This operation does not sort by the values in the columns, this operation sorts case insensitively (capital and lowercase are like equal). If you want to sort by a value of a column and case sensitively (capital letters go first), just click the header of the column.

But these operations provide some email-oriented ways to sort your lists. Let's illustrate.

Original list Sorted list

The most simple result: alphabetically sorted list. This list could be sorted with the same result by clicking on the header of the first column, or by the fourth method: sort by the whole string.

Original list Sorted list

Sorting by "the 1st domain", by the second level domain name. This kind of sorting may be useful in some circumstances: these "goggles" most likely belong to the same company!

Original list Sorted list

In this case sorting by "the 2nd domain", by the third level domain name, seems to be quite useful. We can easily see "kate"'s mail boxes and "lenny"'s mail boxes separately.

Sometimes you have many duplicates and want to compare different rows with the same email. Sorting such a list by "the whole string" you get blocks of duplicates sorted inside by the values of secondary columns (like, by "User name"). If you sorted by email only, secondary columns would be ignored.

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