Split list

This operation can split the list in five different ways.

  • •   by size — each part should have approximately the given size in bytes

  • •   by count — every part (file) will have approximately the given number of emails;

  • •   by domain — there will be a distinct file for each domain; useful if you have many emails from few domains;

  • •   by first char of the email — creates a file for each first character of emails in the list; not all emails start with a letter;

  • •   by zone — splitting by zones, i.e. .com, .net, .org, .ru, .info etc;

After you choose the preferred way, you have to choose a template for file names to store the parts of the (presumably) big list.

In the first two ways "%%" will be substituted by the file number: "List1", "List2", …, "List111". In the last three ways "%%" will be substituted by the domain, first characted of emails in the file or zone.

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