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Extract contacts from UseNet newsgroups


While searching for new email addresses pay attention to UseNet newsgroups. A unique feature of newsgroups is that they collect people with a common interest in a particular field. All conferences are structured and it’s quite easy to find the one that correlates with the products you are going to sell.

The main goal of Atomic Newsgroup Explorer is to harvest email addresses from messages on NNTP servers. We recommend that you check the appropriate groups regularly and update your email database. This way, you will be able to compile a unique and effective email list.

Main Features


NNTP servers

The program is capable of working with all types of NNTP servers. The most popular servers are already installed in Atomic Newsgroup Explorer. The program is able to work with private password-protected servers.

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Fast email extraction

The software can work in multithread mode. This reduces the time needed to extract emails. The more threads a user specifies, the faster the process runs.

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Atomic Newsgroup Explorer provides the opportunity to save the results of extraction. They can be saved into MS Word, Excel, Open Office Writer, Calc, Atomic products, the clipboard, a textfile.

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How to start

1 Buy the program or download the trial version.
2 Select NNTP server.
3 Click “Download group” and load all public groups from this server.
4 Uncheck all groups and click “select” in the menu.
5 Enter a general keyword in the pop-up window.
6 Click “Start”. That’s all. In a few minutes, the program will finish the process of extraction and provide you with a huge list of email addresses.

Atomic Newsgroup Explorer

As you can see, Atomic Newsgroup Explorer is a powerful and useful tool for extracting email addresses. The program is capable of scanning private groups locked by a password. It doesn’t require any additional software – just any version of Windows (95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8), an Internet connection, and an opened NNTP port.

Some say newsgroups are worthless - not really if you know what you are doing. Excellent product. Read more »
Mark Pennington
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Extract email addresses from the messages on NNTP servers.
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