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Atomic Newsgroup Explorer Screenshots

news_mainThis is the main program’s window. Here you’ll find the menu toolbar, the field with available newsgroups (including the hunt field), and a blank window with columns for collected contacts.

Enter a server address and load a list of groups. You choose among the default servers or search through any other(s) you need.

Either way, Atomic Newsgroup Explorer will collect thousands of email addresses from a newsgroup.



news_startAfter loading the groups, select the next step from the two Newsgroup Explorer choices: Start extracting email addresses from all loaded newsgroups or edit the group’s list to customize the search.

It’s up to you which step you start with. Either way, you’ll get a list of targeted email addresses.




news_emailsAtomic Newsgroup Explorer works fast and extracts thousands of email addresses in just a few minutes.

The generated list of email addresses akso contains user names and the group name it was found in.




news_contactsYou can manage the contact list with the help of the “Contacts” menu button or by right-clicking on the contact you want to manage.

Newsgroup Explorer lets you add a new contact, edit the contact or delete him/her.

Take care in removing contacts. There are other options to delete all entries containing a specific name, or deleting all contacts from a defined group. You don’t want to accidentally hit the wrong option!



news_settingsThe program’s common settings are easy-to-use and have a user-friendly interface.

You can set up the number of threads (the default value is 10), and change the program’s interface language, if necessary.





news_exportThe collected contacts can be saved into local files, the clipboard files or transferred into another Atomic software application for sending bulk e-mailings and/or verifying email addresses.

When saving extracted data to a file, you can choose the fields to save. If you just need email addresses, merely click on that menu item and you’ll get a file with just the list of email addresses.
Some say newsgroups are worthless - not really if you know what you are doing. Excellent product. Read more »
Mark Pennington
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Extract email addresses from the messages on NNTP servers.
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