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mainSince Atomic Web Spider searches for email addresses in websites you visit (in a real mode), you can see the list of extracted data in the main program window.

Each contact has additional information, such as the webpage URL where the contact was found, and the date of its extraction.





settingsUsing the common program settings, you can specify type of contact information to collect and have it display in the main window.

Just click the needed contact types, and the program will collect them, ignoring any other data.

In addition, in this window you can change the program interface language and customize other miscellaneous settings.





filterAfter extracting the contacts’ information, you can manage the generated list.

Atomic Web Spider has several filter options that allow you to delete duplicate email addresses, and organize contacts from the list by the date (“show only contacts extracted at…”). In addition, you can specify that the program only show contacts from the sites containing a key phrase that you enter into the field.

And, remember to choose ‘contact types’ that will be shown in the main program window.




exportOnly the registered program version allows data extraction. Be sure you have successfully registered your Atomic Web Spider program.

On the subject of saving contacts, you need to choose the contact types you want to save (whether it will be email addresses only, or all extracted data).

Finally, select the columns (fields) to save and the format to save the file in.

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