Atomic Lead Extractor advanced options

If you want to expand your search, click on More options... button in main window. This will show a pull-down panel and allow to define some additional settings.

You may search on the specified site (by URL) or the entire Web by keywords. When using keywords, the program goes to search engines with the query and automatically selects the most relevant sites to search. Once the list of sites is retrieved, the program automatically starts to process the sites and get the contact info from there. The keywords search makes the mailing list with the most relevant target audience!

The main controls of this panel are:

Hunting Limitation.

Site or list of sites limits the search to the URL entered and all sub domains of that URL. Also you may load a list of urls by clicking on Load from file.

Keywords (using search engines) removes all restrictions and Atomic Email Hunter will explore all links found on all pages. You just need to choose the search engines you want to use. Click on Search engines for this.

Crawl depth settings.

This tells the program how many link levels to follow.

Here All links allows to extract contact details from all the pages.

Scan current site only gives you the results from 1 specific site.

All with crawling depth level ... from found document means that with 1 the search will be limited to mainpages only. A setting of 2 will search all the pages linked to the first one. And so on... The default setting is 2. Starting from a common portal such as Yahoo, the maximum setting of 10 will search nearly all of the web when set Crawl depth setting to All links. For best and relevant results you should keep your searches limited.

Here you can also find the list of the plugins installed. You may click on More plug-ins to find all the plugins available on our site.

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