Command Line Support

Atomic Email Hunter supports command line to computerize many specific search operations. The syntax is the following:

  1. C:\>cd You need to replace the “cd” with the path to the directory where the program .exe file is located.
    C:\Program Files (x86)\AtomPark\Atomic Email Hunter

  2. Add > symbol, then write the program file name and the option you need
    C:\Program Files (x86)\AtomPark\Atomic Email Hunter >AtomicEmailHunter.exe −−site “” (quotes are optional)

  3. After running the program the search will start:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\AtomPark\Atomic Email Hunter >

What do these options mean:

1−−site “url”Start processing the site with url address.AtomicEmailHunter.exe −−site
AtomicEmailHunter.exe −−site
2−−keyword “word”Start searching through the sites that contain specified keyword. If you use two or more keywords, you should put quotes around them.AtomicEmailHunter.exe −−keyword extractor
AtomicEmailHunter.exe −−keyword “email extractor”
3−−level NUMBERThis option is identic to the “Hunting depth level” field in Advanced search options panel.AtomicEmailHunter.exe −−site −−level 3
AtomicEmailHunter.exe −−site −−level 4
4−−links (all | site | folder | page)This option is identic to the “Hunting limitation” field in Advanced search options panel.AtomicEmailHunter.exe −−site −−level 7 −−links site
AtomicEmailHunter.exe −−site −−level 4 −−links folder
5−−saveSave to:
−−save WORD “file_path”Microsoft WordAtomicEmailHunter.exe −−site −−save WORD “C:\Users\User070318\Desktop\Test_1.docx”
−−save EXCEL “file_path”Microsoft ExcelAtomicEmailHunter.exe −−site −−save EXCEL “C:\Users\User070318\Desktop\Test_2.xlsx”
−−save CLIPBOARDClipboardAtomicEmailHunter.exe −−site −−save CLIPBOARD
−−save AMSAtomic Mail SenderAtomicEmailHunter.exe −−site −−save AMS
−−save AMVAtomic Mail VerifierAtomicEmailHunter.exe −−site −−save AMV
−−save ALMAtomic List ManagerAtomicEmailHunter.exe −−site −−save ALM
−−save WRITER “file_path”OpenOffice WriterAtomicEmailHunter.exe −−site −−save WRITER “C:\Users\User070318\Desktop\Test_3.odt”
−−save CALC “file_path”OpenOffice CalcAtomicEmailHunter.exe −−site −−save CALC “C:\Users\User070318\Desktop\Test_4.ods”
−−save GOOGLEGoogle DriveAtomicEmailHunter.exe −−site −−save GOOGLE
6−−extlevelSet the hunting depth level when extracting from external websites.AtomicEmailHunter.exe −−site −−links all −−extlevel 5
7−−quitAtomic Email Hunter will close itself after doing all the job.

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