Search in list

This setting is avaliable in the menu “Search”/ “Search in list”.

Enter or paste a list of the links and / or keywords in a dialog window. Atomic Email Hunter will extract e-mail addresses from all listed pages. Also you may specify some limits (such as in the “Advanced search options” panel)

Some important buttons of this window:

“Paste” – press this button to paste data from the Windows clipboard.

“Open file” – press it to load a list of links and keywords from a file.

“Link Generator” – runs a special applet to generate a list of links with one changing numeric parameter.

“Scan depth” and “Scan where” – are the same as “Hunting depth level” and “Hunting limitation” in “Advanced search options“.

“Use previously used hunting limitations” – if this box is checked, Atomic Email Hunter will use the settings from “Advanced panel” when it starts the current search.

“Web sites catalogue” – using the link gives you the access to the Atomic Web Catalogue, the database of websites.

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