Search by a keyword

This type of search is good when you still don’t have a list of websites to get emails from. You enter the keyword (or keywords) and start the search. Atomic Email Hunter sends your keyword to the search engines, populates and explores targeted websites and extracts email addresses.

You can do a smart search to significantly increase the number of extracted email addresses.

Choose the search type

You are able to choose and determine the search type for Atomic Email Hunter. This option influences the speed of hunting and number of collected addresses. “Fast search” works faster but extracts fewer e-mails from pages. “Detailed search” works slower but collects more e-mails.

And do not forget to set the timeout between requests to one domain. It is necessary and helpful feature because some servers may reject the program’s requests. So, if Atomic Email Hunter sent too many requests and too frequent, the servers can bounce it.

Skip domains

You will agree that there is no sense to continue the search on the pages of the one domain if the program finds no email address after exploring through 50 or more pages. It only wastes the program resources and your time.

That’s why Atomic Email Hunter has an opportunity to skip such poor domains. The option is not active by default and you need to activate it. Go to ‘Settings/Common settings/Advanced’, choose ‘Skip whole domain when no item was found on XXX pages’ and then specify the maximum number of domain’s pages to search for email addresses.

Besides, there are additional and more specific advanced options (‘Settings/Common settings/Advanced’) that will help to improve the email address extraction and create large number of different free email lists.

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