Extracting e-mail addresses

Atomic Mail Sender is integrated with our email collecting software. The “Recipeints list” contains the button for loading email addresses from any sources: web sites or search engines, local files, newsgroups and the whois database.

Email extraction is not part of Atomic Mail Sender, additional software is required for that. If it is not installed, you will be offered to download and install it.

Choose the way of searching and the necessary program by clicking the icon “Search” in the toolbar of the “Recipient list”.

Source Description
Search the WebAtomic Email Hunter will be used (more info)You can extract email addresses from any sites and search for them using popular search engines.
Search newsgroupsAtomic Newsgroup Explorer will be usedIt can connect to news servers (NNTP protocol) and extract data from messages.
Search WHOISAtomic Whois Explorer will be used You should specify the list of domain names and Atomic Whois Explorer will extract the email addresses of the domain name owners.
Search local filesAtomic Email Logger will be used Atomic Email Logger can process files on your computer and extract email addresses from them. This plug-in can also unpack ZIP and RAR files, open Outlook databases, etc
Outlook Address BookIt will connect to your Outlook Address Book and extract all email addresses from it.

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