Messages sent but not received (or delivered to “Junk”/ “Spam” folder)

There are a few typical reasons why sent messages are not received or delivered to “Junk folder” and common workarounds. The whole list of errors find in User Manual

  1. Change delivery type to “External SMTP only”. Most of large mail systems do not accept mail from home computers (dial-up or cable IP addresses). It’s strongly recommended to send mail via external SMTP servers (of your Internet Service Provider or hosting). Please open “Settings” / “Common Settings” / “SMTP” and change delivery type to “External SMTP only”, then enter SMTP server address.

  2. Check “FROM: e-mail address”. Open message properties (“F3″ or “More…” button), make sure that you use the correct e-mail address. Many mail servers reject mail delivered from fake e-mail addresses.

  3. Check message content. Make sure your message does not look like spam. Such messages are automatically blocked by all antispam software. Please create good looking messages. Try to send your e-mail message to your own email address (but not to the email address you are sending that email from) and make sure it gets delivered. Never send blank messages.

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