Merge e-mail with external data

Atomic Mail Sender allows you to customize each sent message. In a mailing list you load as many additional data associated to the email addresses as you need. Then just use the macros (for example, %User_name%) in your e-mail message to merge data.

How does it work:

Open your mailing list (“F5″ or “Message” / “Recipients list”). By default you see “E-mail address” and “Name” columns. You may add as many new columns as you need (right click on the column header and choose “Add new column”). You also may load data from Excel spreadsheets and databases (DBF and Access are supported).

Then go back to the message editor. To insert a macro, use “Insert” / “E-mail merge data”. A special tag like %Name% or %Site_addr% will be inserted. When you will send mail, these tags will be automatically replaced with the associated data.

It’s important! Email merging does not work when you send a test message.

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