How to send emails anonymously?

In the new version of Atomic Mail Sender, you can use socks proxy servers. Using a proxy server, you can hide your original IP address and send mail without any risk to be detected.

To do it, open “Settings” / “Common settings” / “Proxy”. Select the proxy server type (Socks 4, Socks 4A or Socks 5) and enter the server address there. Servers requiring authentication are also supported.

About proxy servers

A proxy server is a computer that redirects all your requests to other servers. Remote servers think that requests are initiated by the proxy server, not you. In other words, using a proxy server, you hide your identity.

You can find free proxy servers on the Web, but they do not last long. You can use Google with queries like “proxy servers” or “socks servers”. Probably, the better way is to lease paid proxy servers and send mail this way. You can find such services on the Internet too.

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