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Recommendations for Bypassing Spam-Filters

If you need to bypass any sending restrictions, we recommend you use several SMTP servers simultaneously. The mailing speed will depend on the size of the message you send.

Spam filters usually block email messages that are all the same size. So, in order to increase the percentage of your messages that get past spam filters, we recommend you use additional Atomic Mail Sender options such as Message personalization and Spin-text.

Message personalization means inserting the recipient’s personal information into the current e-mail (Insert/E-mail merge data). Any data you need must be pre-loaded into mailing list and be displayed as additional columns. This is necessary because the data merging is done by inserting macros (for example, % _SENDER_NAME_%); and these macros will be replaced by data from the appropriate columns.

Spin-text means that Mail Sender inserts a random text string or word into the e-mail message (Insert/E-mail merge data/Random text| Random word).

The program generates the random text automatically. You can specify different text generation options. You can also define a group of words from which the program picks random word. You can use either random text or words and to make the e-mail message more personalized.

Spin-text is also a good way to help your e-newsletters bypass spam filters and reach recipients’ inbox folders.

You’ll find more information about these Atomic Mail Sender options in the User Manual (F1) in the Message editor/Inserting text section.

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