How to send group mail in Atomic Mail Sender

Group mail means sending newsletters to the list of email addresses. If you plan to send them email messages regularly with the expectation of an outcome – you do bulk mailings.

It’s very easy! View the step-by-step instruction below:

  1. Run Atomic Mail Sender and compose a message. You can create it in the built-in editor or import from an existing HTML or text file (use “File” / “Open”).

  2. Load your mailing list. Press “F5″ or the corresponding toolbar button ( “Recipients” ) to open the” List Editor”. There you can import a mailing list or create a new mailing list — use the corresponding buttons on the toolbar.

  3. Click “Send” or press “F9″ to open the “Send Mail Monitor”. Click “Start” there and the email campaign will be started. If you have any troubles in this step, please refer to the customer support at our site.

What is bulk email? Read detailed information in the article at our website and try what it can do for your benefits.

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